10 Habits Successful People Do Daily!

We interviewed 100 successful people, here’s what they do each day to move their success forward.

They’re Centered.

They know that peace comes from within rather than from others or situations. They practice being prepared, scheduling, and focusing on priorities. They set boundaries with what they allow into their lives. They understand the value of start and stop times for work. They refuse to live to work and instead work to live life. They understand that relationships take time. They practice good solid self-care.

Embrace Challenging Themselves.

They understand that embracing knowledge and stretching out of their comfort zones inspires learning new facets about themselves which relates to enlarging their depths with others. They work to become more aware of themselves, others, and life around them.

They’re Intentional.

Successful people work to respond rather than react. They are deliberate. They think through opportunities and trials, form solutions and weigh the pros and cons. They understand that being emotional or impulsive are counter-productive. They seek out wise counsel, opportunities to learn and improve. They’re not afraid to fail, but see failure as one less way of moving forward and then look for the next step.

They’re 1st Impression aware.

Effective people know they have 10 seconds to leave a positive impression. Understanding body language, voice tone, gestures, language, posture, hygiene and handshakes can make or break your first impression.

They’re No-Regrets People.

They’re fearless. They understand the difference between fear and danger. Danger should stop you or at least make you prepare. Fear is an emotion that can be irrational. Dissecting the emotion can help you make a choice to conquer it or proceed in spite of the feeling. Instead of allowing fear to take over, make the choice to make fear answer for itself. Successful people embrace their fears and are addicted to the high of conquering their anxiety.

They’re Likeable.  

They’re comfortable in their own skin and don’t feel a need to intimidate, control, and manipulate. They bring energy to a room, are truly interested in others, and are easy to work with. They understand the difference between laughing with others’ verses laughing at others. They are interested in learning others’ ideas and seek out others’ opinions.

They Practice a Gratitude Attitude.

Being happy is a choice. Staying happy takes an attitude of gratitude. Maintaining this attitude is a commitment to a daily thankful spirit. Successful people take a few minutes at the beginning of the day to list things they are thankful for. Keeping a journal cataloging items keeps your joyful spirit forefront in your mind. Thanking people who help your success often will build them up and keep your team fighting for you. Appreciating opportunities creates a positive spirit which inspires others to want to be a part of your success.  Gratitude draws gratitude and helps you see more opportunities to be grateful. The more you’re thankful, the more prospects to be thankful appear. Successful people are quick to acknowledge others and remain grounded and humble about their own successes.

They don’t engage in every fight.

Successful people know when to fight and when to let things go. They understand how to engage a group of people to support their cause. They also grasp the power of silence. There’s a time to just be quiet and allow a person to either come to their own realization or a backdoor to retreat through.

They’re Embrace their Future.

Successful people invest in personal development. They love setting goals, self-evaluation, seeking mentors, and working for a purpose. They practice giving back and promoting from within their ranks. They have strong first plans but always develop a back up plan. They plan to succeed but see failure as another lesson on how not to approach issues. They see problems as adventures rather than stresses. They know when to play and when to plan.

They know how to have fun.

After all, what’s the sense of being successful if there’s no joy in it? Being a work-alcoholic kills inspiration, creativity and warns off the crowd of witnesses to work with you or imitate you. Having fun allows for a place of creativeness to grow which might just grow your personal and financial growth.

Success is defined in a wide variety of ways for each individual. Taking the time to know what your success will look like will give you a roadmap to getting there. Remembering the previous points might help you avoid the pitfalls of moving too quickly and perhaps help to build the positive structure to a long lasting and successful future.