Axe-It-First: Preventing Catastrophic-Mega-Wildfires

As drought continues to grip Oregon and the U.S. Western states, wildfire will be eminent. Climate change requires heroic action to implement a plan to adapt forests and grasslands. Time is of the essence. We must embrace a progressive study of today’s forests and our need for immediate action. The public must be more informed and prepared to avoid catastrophic loss.

Ron Rommel grew up in the 1950’s and 1960’s surrounded by groves of large Douglas firs near his family’s home in Portland, Oregon. The beauty of the majestic trees stuck with him defining his view of the forest. It brought perspective that framed his life and respect for the natural world. Throughout the following decades, he always felt the sins of the past would one day haunt us. That day has arrived for our forests and grasslands.

The 2020 wildfire season was devastating to Oregon and the Western United States. It was a perfect storm of events with lower humidity levels, lightening ignited fires, arsons, abandoned campfires, downed powerlines, no shortage of ignition sources, high winds, and plenty of federal forest to burn.

Axe-It-First is a plan to target and lower the risks of mega wildfires and destruction of forests, life, property, and our national assets.

You can find Ron’s book on Amazon: Axe-It-First