Direct Selling Business Opportunities


If you have the money to invest, these work at home jobs are a possibility to think about.


They have three kits you can choose from: Quick Starter Kit $25, Advance Starter Kit $50, and Premium Starter Kit $100.

Chloe and Isabel

Start your own jewelry business. For $175, you can get up to $700 worth of jewelry, innovative tools and training, and around the clock customer support.

Discovery Toys

Interested in making children happy? Why not sell toys that help children  develop building blocks for creative thinking. Three packages to choose from: Business Starter Kit $89 US, Business Launch Kit $159, and Business Builder Kit $399. Check out this site for more information.

Initial Outfitters

They specialize in personalized gifts.  You would sell items with monograms on them to make it more special. Two starts kits at $99 or $199.

Remember: Anytime a company asks you for money to start working with them, check them out carefully. The world/internet is FULL of scams. Don’t be taken in by one. I tend to stay with more reputable companies and check them out at the Better Business Bureau¬†and Work At Home Scam Reports¬†and the look up the company add their URL in the search link and add the word ‘review’ after it…you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find.


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