Self-care, Tea and Me!

It’s official! Sliding my feet into my Uggs, and mourning my flipflops, it’s fall again! My iced drinks turn to hot tea and my shorts are replaced by long yoga pants.

Somehow this time of year feels like a welcomed pause from the sunny sprints of summer. Taking time to think through what the next few months will bring is my fall strategy. Pulling down my calendar, I plug in our family events, holiday fun, and essential activities for the rest of the year. This is the gold of having a home-based business! I adjust my work activities around the fun events in order to maintain a life/work balance rather than the other way around.

I add self-care dates like: haircuts, workouts, coffee with friends, walk-about times. I love my stay-home spa days where I wrap my hair in a hair mask (my favorite) or just coconut oil, and add a hydrating facemask. I sip my Jamaican tea with a bit of blackberry honey and watch Hallmark movies.

Tea Recipe

In a large cup (the kind you can wrap your hands around)

Add Jamaican Ginger Instant tea

heaping teaspoon of local honey (I love blackberry honey)

1/4 tsp of cinnamon (the good stuff)

2 TBSP of sugar free pumpkin spice flavor

1 scoop of collagen peptides (for digestion and skin enhancement)

Add hot water, stir and add a spritz of whipping cream!

OR spend your time with these made for you refreshing and exquisite blends from Regenrus that will make you feel like a pampered queen!


Not only are they good for you, they taste great and make great gifts to give to friends and family for their self-care day!

We’ve got to get in the mindset of taking care of us as a priority. When the captain of the ship can’t run the ship, everyone suffers. Taking a pause, is vital to being vibrant for our circle of influence. I recommend a day or a half-day, but even an hour or a 15 minute power nap can make all the difference in the world. Scheduling a ‘break’ keeps other urgent events from pushing it aside. So go get your calendar, find a 1/2 day spa day once a month, a full day spa day (maybe away from home) every 2-3 months, and power refreshing moments once a week. It’ll be tough at first to really embrace them, but keep trying until they become natural to you and you’ve trained others to not expect you during these times to do anything for them. When I first started doing this, people wondered about me, but as I got consistent, they saw the benefits for them because I was refreshed. LOL! They suggest them and I’ve even had them pay for the spa days! 😉

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