Teaira Curry – Coach Tea (Anti-Rape Activist/Life Coach)

 Teaira Curry is the proud owner and founder of the Changed Up! Now What? LLC movement. She is a wife, mother of six miniature humans, top perseverance coach, motivational speaker, podcast host and author of two books Fed Up? Change Up! and Changed Up! Now What?

A few years after her birth in 1986, she quickly became the product of foster care and all that comes with it. In elementary school rape, physical abuse, being bullied, rejected, suicidal attempts and mental torment consumed her world until she discovered her faith in God and her gift with words. These two things became the catalyst of her life and catapulted her through into adulthood. As an adult, Teaira thought that hardship was in her past until she met her boyfriend who she now calls The Jamaican Rapist in her book. Teaira was set up at a party by her friend, Mr. Jamaican, and his cousin. After being drugged and raped at this small gathering, this unfortunate set up caused her to contract HPV and cancerous cells in her cervix. Just like that all of her dreams of getting married, having kids and moving on with a good life vanished and the same feelings she obtained in her childhood started to creep back until she met her husband Gregory. He helped her change her mindset and realize she could either retract or once again persevere and excel! 

Teaira became fed up listening to the voice of failure and though she never received a full ticket of justice for any of the hardships she endured, she decided to write books about how she persevered through these injustices, became an Anti- Rape Activist, Perseverance Coach and became an Inspirational Speaker in hopes of allowing her lessons to become someone else’s blessings. 

Mrs. Curry believes that perseverance is a mindset first! Simply put, if you pair your new mindset with actions and strategies you will succeed. The trick is you must start from somewhere. Every time Coach Tea writes a chapter or speaks on a platform, justice is served creating resilience and perseverance for the listeners, instead of fear, failure and incomplete dreams. If you are truly fed up, Teaira Curry knows the recipe for you to change up! 

  1. What exactly is your business and what inspired you to start it?

Changed Up! Now What? LLC is a Life Coaching company. We help our clients eliminate excuses by mapping out solutions to their goals and physically helping them to combat their ‘to do’ list. After enduring pain and abuse, I eventually married, had a family to call my own and wrote my first book in hopes of encouraging others that they too can overcome ANY opposition that comes their way! I ultimately took to social media and let the whole world know about what I had endured. My show Fed Up?! Change Up! began to attract thousands of listeners from all around the world as it provided weekly inspiration and as featured guests! This is what created my LLC and made me the number one “Perseverance Coach.”

  • In the ‘COVID-19 season, have you had to make changes to keep your business alive? What have you learned about sustainability? 

Absolutely! At the top of 2020 before the lockdowns, God spoke to me to relaunch, revamp and become more effective. By faith, I began to do just that by taking a hiatus, re-evaluating the original plan for the year and redefining my effectivity. My husband was released from his 9-5 job due to Covid. My household was sick more than once and we realized that everything coming at us was designed to increase our faith and show us what we are really made of. All I can say is that maintaining unshakable faith and putting in the work is what provided true sustainability for us.

  • What do you do regularly to take care of yourself?

Meditations and a prayer of gratitude is done every morning before my feet touch the floor. Not to mention, if you give me a microphone and some funky tunes, I’ll give you one of the best karaoke nights you’ve ever had in your life lol!

  • How do you keep yourself emotionally balanced while you are pushing forward?

Ive learned that sometimes you just have to take a pause for your cause. This allows me to get realigned with my intentions. Also if I’m having an off moment, I take into consideration why I’m working on completing my task in the first place! My why is big so my finish has to be strong.

  • What’s the best part and the worst part of your job?

The best part is when my coaching clients, book readers or podcast audiences tell me I inspire them to persevere. The messages and testimonials provide fuel for the journey. I live for it and I truly enjoy seeing people win!

The worst part is that sometimes I get extremely caught up in the flow of ‘work’ so much that it may throw a personal goal of mine out of balance. But that’s when I re-set boundaries. I’d love to assist everyone at all times but that’s impossible.

  • What failure taught you the most and what was it?

Failure taught me that I’m not a failure at all. If I miss the mark, I’m just simply being rerouted and that’s going to create wisdom for further growth. Mistakes and shortcomings can make you much more fierce and is designed to help sharpen that rusty sword that has become a little dull along the way.

  • What did you have to overcome personally to be able to do what you do?

I had to overcome my own insecurities and inferiorities before being put into a position of leadership and entrepreneurship. I had to break free from the “woe it’s me” syndrome and flip that around to “wow it’s me!” Of course hardships and shortcomings don’t feel good while going through them, but at a certain point I learned it sculpted me into the woman that I  am today.

  • If you had advice to give to someone else thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, what would that be?

Take a few minutes a day and write down what you are good at doing. Then take a look around and observe the world today. What is the world in need of? What was something that you wished you had but now have? What problems can you solve with those things you are good at? Study notable figures and listen to how they started (which in most cases, they did not start off with everything they desired but they took a step of faith and used the resources they had.) They have gone through rejection and setbacks too, but they persevered! Last, but not least, create a plan and as Nike says, “JUST DO IT!” Mistakes will be made but you will never know what works and what doesn’t until you at least try.

  • How can we specifically support you? 

Outside of signing up for coaching courses, listening to the Changed Up! Now What? podcast show on Mondays or purchasing my books, Changed Up, Now What? you can contribute to our cause by visiting the support tab at www.cu-nw.com . A complete overview of this cause is listed on the site but primarily it is my desire to provide more resources and one-on-one time to rape victims. That is my give back and one of my biggest whys.

  • Any last parting words?

These are uncertain times but one thing you can be sure of is to allow your faith to lead the way. No one knows what tomorrow may bring so it’s now or never. If you have an idea, spend time on it, nurture it, launch your plan, remain consistent and most of all believe in yourself.

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