24 Short Stories to warm your heart! This Ebook (or the paperback) shares stories of the tenderness and craziness of families during holidays!

Our lives get complicated and when we add holidays and family gatherings to them we may take the complicated up exponentially. I try to see the players (characters) and plots in a perspective that shines a light on their strengths. Sometimes it’s tough. We all have that one relative (and you know who I mean) that we need to love in spite of, rather than because it’s easy.

As an author, family get togethers are fodder for writing! These stories surround gatherings, friends, family and group events. My wish is that you may embrace each individual in a way that brings new perspective and clarity and that your table brings rich ohana to you.

Ohana= family of blood or heart. This is the Hawaiian term for no family member left behind.

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