Pamala J Vincent, author of 21 books and speaker excited to inspire the next generation of world changers.

Her website Dare to be a Badass ( ) shares current issue lifehacks for women who want to make a difference personally and professionally.

Her practical advice from building confidence, organizing who you are and defining your purpose takes the ‘I don’t know’ to a confident ‘what’s next’ stage.

You can find her on social media and podcasts. Her weekly newsletter, ‘Take Charge Tuesday’ and ‘Wednessday’s Round Table Discussions’ celebrates how other women are defining their success and building their own opportunities. When we shine, we illuminate the way for others. Let’s work together to be influencers for eternity.

Her background includes a 38 year teaching career (jr. high and high school), building and administrating an alternative educational school, running a 120 person homeschool support group, VBS, Junoir Choir, and building a profitable day care and after-school program. She shares some of that gained wisdom on her site Homeschool Basics A-Z.

She’s been an entrepreneur for most of her life and thrives at building something from nothing. She excels at inspiring women to define their gifting/talents and building their confidence. Some of those women go on to building home-based businesses, building a business to a substantial income, writing a book or building a speaking career. She’s all about stirring up the love and good deeds in others.

As a writer, speaker, podcaster and screenwriter, she spends a great deal of time observing others, praying for direction and enjoying family (the best fodder for writing!)

When she’s not writing or speaking, you can find her in her huge memorial garden with her black lab rescue drinking a mocha and enjoying dirt under her nails!