Fed Up? Changed Up! Now What?

Truth’s for Dating, Marriage & Rape Prevention

Our Lessons, Your Blessings –

Learn from our mistakes and Build a Forever Relationship

Sex, drugs, and alcohol consumed my entire being until the night God called me to be more than some late-night booty call.  In Christ, I was finally set free. ~Teaira

Everything I knew about dating and marriage came from T.V. shows and the guys in the hood. Not a great way to become a man called to provide for and cherish family and a God-given wife. ~Greg

Step into our world where we spill our personal tea and break the mug, revealing our brokenness to be made whole again. We’ll show you how we made the transition from being fed up to changed up! 

Teaira and Greg Curry share the nitty gritty authentic truth about surviving dating and building a foundation for marriage that will last. Their story is not for the faint of heart, but for those looking for the truth in the real world regarding the consequences of relationships built through the world’s eyes or the rewards of building a foundation through the love of Christ.

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