Inward & Beyond: Transformation is a Conscious Choice

Walk with me through the pain, the revelation, and the transformation of choosing to grow Inward and Beyond. These 22 poems expose the unfolding lessons that required me to dig deep, take responsibility for my unconscious behaviors and to learn radical self- care. I knew the journey would be splendidly challenging but infinitely rewarding. I said ‘yes’ to the trek.

These poems and essays are tender to me. They are messages from Spirit to support my healing. My greater work is to be part of healing relationships. And by so doing we heal our society and heal our planet. People possess a deep creative magic, and we never know how that magic will change us.

What I want now is for this book to reach hearts, to inspire a voice that encourages others to listen to the magic in their life and to have the guts to act on it and to listen and follow what Spirit wants to be expressed through you. Everyone has this magic within them, everyone has a creative force wanting to be articulated. Only you can follow that nudge, only you can know what passion is waiting to find its voice.

Brenda R Bryant is an inspirational speaker, author, and transformational leader passionate about calling out the best in others. She demands authenticity of herself and guides others to find theirs—setting them free to live life others only dream about.

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