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Official NFAA Review

There is plenty in life and in this world that will break us down. In Dare to Be a Badass, author Pamala J. Vincent gives readers the tools to find within what they personally need to build themselves up. Vincent mixes common sense, life lessons learned, and carefully selected scriptural references and examples to help readers meditate on where they are perhaps less sure of their power and purpose, and where they can strengthen their voices on behalf of themselves and others. A book like this must include guidance on mental health and self-care, and the author offers up sage advice on what and who to turn on and off in our lives in order to reach and maintain a balance that leaves us emotionally replenished rather than depleted. Vincent’s chapters are refreshingly on the shorter side, so as not to overwhelm, but are substantial enough to move readers toward deep reflection as they consider the brilliantly named “Pick Up Your Sword” exercises. This is a book meant to be read at a pace that allows for true introspection. A job very well done!

~ Nonfiction Authors Association Book Awards Program