Listed below are several topics. Most lectures are geared for 1 hour time slots, however even the coaching classes (3-9 hours) can be adjusted for shorter time periods. Let’s talk about the needs of your group, audience profile and goals for your meeting and adjust the topic for your desires.

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Writing Topics

Screenwriting 101 basics: Got an idea for a film? Here’s how to get started (beginners)

Screenwriting 200: Marketing your Finished your screenplay

Self-Publishing Your Book: The opportunities for doing it yourself.

Newspaper writing: The differences between feature, columns, expository, technical writing

Blooging: Getting Started and how to make a living at it.

75 Out of the Box Ways to Sell Your Book! Publishing is tough, then comes marketing! Let’s take a look at getting your book in front of readers!

Inspirational Writing! The Good, The Message and the Marketing!

Women’s Topics:

What is a Badass? (the Biblical Perspective and the World’s perspective)

The Badass Lifestyle: How to become a Badass with Purpose!

The Real Dirt On Being Happy! What it takes to find joy every day!

I’ve Got Your Back: Investing wisely in friendships

Safe Dreams or Dangerous Prayers? Learning to pray big prayers and trusting Christ for the impossible.

Just Living or Living Abundantly? Don’t just survive, learn how to thrive!

Ten Things Successful Women Do! You’ve seen them! How to they do it? Learn how in 10 easy steps!

Life/Work Balance Can the impossible be achieved? How to…

Be On the Dock! Learning to build your own opportunities.

The Value of Pain: The lessons they teach

Lessons From the Garden: Inspiration from the dirt

Embracing the Seasons of a Woman’s Life: Navigating and thriving rather than surviving.

Finding Your Purpose:

Building a Business from concepts to Profits! (intro 30 mins or 3 hour workshop)

Parenting Topics

Unleasing Your Teens’ Potential: Empty Nest Survival Techniques – preparing parents and teens for ‘that’ day!

Home School! Are you nuts!?! Ten Steps to Making Learning at Home Fun!

One Classroom- Multi Ages! Chaos to Scholarships!

Professional Development for Teens: Getting the Job

Learning through Games: Workshop

Understanding Learning Styles: Making learning count their way.