Blog Writing, Freelancing and marketing your words!

Blog Writing, freelancing and marketing your words!  

FREE – 1 Week Tuesdays 6 pm (PST) Start date: TBA

Introduction to Blog Writing. The successful basics!

                        Understanding your take away

                        Finding your niche

                        Setting up your topics and subtopics

Earning a living writing

$25 – 1 Week

Writing helps and checking perfection

                        Finding your audience: Keywords, SEO, Oh My!

                        Creating a Bio that Sings

                        Hotlinking like the pros

                        Edit your work like the pros

                        1 Free blog edit

$25 –  1 Week

How to find places to write for and getting paid

                        Get a list of 150 places to write for with this class

                        How to search for what people are looking for

$25 – 1 week

Marketing Your Work – Creating Social Proof

                        Marketing yourself

                        Finding places to publish you

                        Online Query writing – getting around the sharks

                        1 Free query edit

$50 – 2 weeks

Selling Your Fiction and Non-fiction articles and books (and products)

                        Driving traffic to your website

                        Building a road map  

                        Chapters, articles, blogs, Oh My!

All classes are recorded so if you can’t make the online class time you can listen to it when you have time!

Want all the classes? Save money! Sign up for all of them for $99 ($26)

Classes are live on Tuesday nights at 6 pm PST.