Why Dare to be a Badass?!

Why Dare to be a Badass? The term Badass often has a negative connotation, as women we need to find that spirit within and change our worlds for the better. B.A.D.A.S.S. stands for Be A Doer And Stop Self-Sabotaging! We live in a high-tech information world, but as multi-tasking women, some of that information doesn’t Read More

Unclutter Your Joy

What’s the definition of Joy? Webster defines it as a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. It’s interesting to me that joy is a noun, but it takes an act of a verb to produce it. A verb is an action word. So what action are we embracing to create joy? There’s a story of Read More

New Year, New You!

Reinventing the Best of You! The new year gives us all new opportunities to become our best. We might need to just tweak minor changes or completely reinvent ourselves. Either way, understanding why we want to change will make the change last beyond the first month of the year. Here are several ‘whys.’ Change Builds Read More