Am I Enough?

Am I Enough? Am I doing enough? What if I’m not enough? “You Cannot give away what you do not own.” ~Apostle Paul These are the questions that often plague our thinking and keep us hostage to coming up short to all we are or can be. We often believe the toxic lies the world Read More

The Legacy We Leave Behind

What we leave behind– “A righteous man will be remembered forever.”  Psalm 112:6 (NIV)      This year’s weather has inspired long lasting, multi-blooming roses. It’s late September and I’m still enjoying 15-20 blooms on each rose bush! In our garden, I carefully select old fashioned roses for their fragrance and disease-proof ability. So while out Read More

The Power of Wisdom

Value of Wisdom Round Table for Nov. 3rd. zoom link: Wisdom and understanding feeds our inner lives. Like milk for a baby, God gives us wisdom in small increments so we can ingest them in a way that deepens our understanding and grows our compassion. Each time we wisely handle life situations, our integrity Read More