Creative Home Income Ideas

Creative Home-Based Jobs

A buying site committed to sell off items that are barely used. You can sell your slightly used or new and unopened items here. Selling on Amazon charges monthly fees for selling which starts at 99 cents per item. But there is no bigger sales platform than Amazon. Here’s how to get started.

Got Chores?
Be the hub for college students who do tasks for a fee to the community that needs the help. Coordinating students to do tasks such as running errands for busy working moms, minor home repairs, short term workers for small businesses and anything someone needs done. Hours can be flexible to accommodate the students’ schedules.

Sell your art and craft works here. You’ve got to check this site out!

Hey, this job isn’t limited to teenagers only. Letting hospital staff know you’ll work the strange hours they work, and advertising in the local paper. Spend some time getting your county regulations and certifications and attend some of their CPR courses. You’re sure to be recommended by the state as well. You can check out sites like Sittercity and to land your baby-sitting job.

Unclutter your home and get rid of your used and new items. Advertise to friends and family, that you’ll pick up their unwanted items. Then Host a garage sale or try this marketplace. You dictate your own selling price for the items, while they get a minimal fee for each item you sell through them. Also check your local Facebook virtual garage sale sites. You can actually make a living selling these items locally.

Cellphones for Cash
Why store your unused smartphones? Might as well sell them to one of these sites.

Clean Pools
If you live in a warm area where pools are common, this could be a big money maker. Learn how to make and keep the pool water sparkling. And Extra plus if you can go green!

Clean gutters
During the fall season why not ask your neighbors if they want their gutters cleaned out and during the holidays hang Christmas lights and charge to have them taken down. You could work from Sept. through January and relax the rest of the year.

Just like eBay, Craigslist is a place where you can sell just about anything for no cost of advertising. Be smart who you work with, meet in a well lite central place (perhaps the police station) and have someone go with you. Try hooking up in person with the buyer and get cash. There are lots of scams online, if you get someone asking you to hold a check or your product that they are out of state, it’s a scam. List items as first come, first serve.

Craft Fairs
Are you a crafty person? Check out your local churches and granges for local craft fairs to sell your DIY projects. Check for the dates of events locally. And if you don’t sell all your wares, you can sell them on Ebay, Etsy, Craigslist and your virtual garage sales.


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