Services We Provide

Blogging Coaching One-On-One (or organize a group and divide the cost for 4 hours)

1st hour – free to evaluate if this is something you want or that we can help with. We’ll tell you if it’s something we can’t do or is above our paygrade.

One-on-One Coaching – 4 hours $350 (specifically designed to your needs)

Blog for you- $100 a blog or Package Deal 4 blogs for $350


Podcast your message! $99 – (99 minutes)

Learn how to build a podcast message that feeds your niche. Titles that Grab, how to attract listeners which attracts sponsors, so you make money every time someone pushes play!

Walk you through how to build the podcast on (free site)


Self-Publishing a book

If your book is not written, $250 for 4 hours (and repeats as needed), this includes:

meeting once a week 30-60 minutes to flesh ideas

Edits of written work until it’s ready for publishing.


If your book is written:

$1500 for book formatting, editing or internal coaching design. Creating and filling in info on Ingram Sparks

$250 – Cover design and placing in publisher’s format

$49 for trade book and EPub

ISBN = $25 

EAN number for marketing to large companies = $89

Proof Copy varies but runs about $8-$12 plus shipping

Catalogue marketing = $150 Advertise your book where thousands of bookstores and libraries order directly from Ingram Content Group—one of the industry’s largest book distributors. With more than 150,000 monthly views, and 70,000 registered users, Ingram’s online ordering platform–ipage–makes it easy for bookstores and libraries to search, discover and order books just like yours.

Once all the work is done, you buy your books from the publisher as much or as little as you like (include shipping cost- varies)

These costs must be purchased to get your book available for publishing approval.


Build Your Basic Website: $750 Includes:

Branding colors,

Branding tone an name

5 Tabs= contact, newsletter pop-up, About, Blog, Product

Includes edit of your About and 2 blogs

Added costs: You will buy domain name, hosting,(prices vary) and Pro-Theme (Optional)

After you’re up and running we charge $50 an hour (we work fast and most items can be completed in less than an hour)


Building Your Business (unique to you and one-on-one) $1500 (OR Gather a group, pay the $1500 and get general business building coaching in 3, 2 hour meetings on zoom.) The organizer of your group gets a 2 hour one on one coaching session specific to their business as a thank you for organizing the group.)

8hours of one on one coaching specific to you.


Fleshing out your business

Naming your business

Niching your business

Branding you and your business

Creating your bio

Creating your Elevator pitch

Driving Traffic to you

Marketing yourself in a unique way

Building a website – See breakdown of costs above

Profits Tips and making money ideas

We stay with you until all these things are in place and you have a step-by-step game strategy.

ScreenWriting Edits $100

Edits for full screenplay 90-120 pages with notes to help you make it marketable.