Computer Savvy Jobs from Home

Want to work from home and are computer savvy?
There are companies, particularly small businesses that will pay you to do work that’s essential to the business but they can’t get it all done. At times, it might be part time work. Not enough to hire on a full time worker, or the company cannot afford to provide health benefits and more, so they hire sub-contractors to do tasks for them. Here are a few ideas:
– Virtual Assistant
Ok, what if you don’t like tech support or direct customer service work?
Companies often hire virtual assistants to complete tasks for them such as cold calling, scheduling appointments, data entry, typing documents, organizing records, and more.
You can work from home as an assistant. More and more companies are relying on outside workers for tasks which can be accomplished online
Sites to use:
1. FancyHands
2. RedButler
4. AssistantMatch
5. VaForExperts

Internet Shopping
As a stay at home mom or dad, you probably do a lot of shopping, searching, and browsing different websites. Companies will reward you for shopping online.
There are programs that will reward you for doing everyday online activities like searching, shopping, visiting new websites, etc.
They are free to join, and while you won’t make a living, you can easily make a few extra hundred dollars by simply using these sites to do your shopping, searching, playing games, and more.

Check these sites out:
1. InboxDollars
2. Swagbucks

– Apps Savvy Saver
There are several apps that will help you either save money, make money or both. There are hundreds out there, Here are a few of the top ones.

Apps to use:
1. Ohmconnect: allows you to make big savings on your utility bills.
2. Ibotta: helps you to both earn cash and save while shopping for groceries.
4. Receipt Hog: functions the same way as Ibotta with a few minor differences.
5. SavingStar: get cashback when you buy grocery online or at the store.


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